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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Becoming a Reserve Component Warrant Officer

Reserve Component Warrant Officer Candidate School


The RC -WOCS provides an alternative means for appointment to the Warrant Officer Corps from the resident Active Component WOCS course at Fort Rucker, Alabama. It uses the same Program of Instruction (POI) and evaluation requirements as the Active Component program. It is fully accredited by the Warrant Officer Career Center (WOCC), Fort Rucker, Alabama and has their full support. The program is divided into three phases. Read more.

Requirements for Acceptance to the WOCS Program

Must be a US Citizen, GT Score 110 or higher, High School Graduate or GED Recipient, Secret Security Clearance, Chapter 2 Physical, MUST HAVE DOCUMENTED EXPERIENCE IN A SPECIFIC FIELD FOR TECHNICAL WARRANT MOSs. For MOS specific information go to the US Army Recruiting Command website.


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