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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Training Military Units at Atterbury Muscatatuck

  • In conformity with Army Training Strategies 2015, the enterprise platforms provide for ‘combined arms maneuver and wide area security capabilities in a comprehensive and realistic decisive action environment.’

  • From Brigade to Division level, the Atterbury-Muscatatuck Enterprise supports and hosts complex training scenarios, leveraging assets from programs of record and annualized exercises to maximize training dollars.

  • Live-virtual constructive scenarios provide viable options for integrated training and drive ‘train like we fight’ authenticity.

  • Technology based exercises are supported through JTEN 2.0 and JIOR.  Additionally, connectivity to JMETC and SDREN can be accomplished through the JTEN 2.0 aggregate router.

  • Atterbury-Muscatatuck provides urban, rural, cyber, UAS, and air-to-ground capabilities, interleaving military service/civilian/homeland defense exercises for multi-echelon scenarios.

  • The venues, EME, range portfolio, special use airspace, living infrastructure and subterranean systems have been established through a mission-centric, megalopolis-specific strategic plan, adaptable to customer needs.

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