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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Indiana Training Range Complex

F-16 and A-10 firing in flight

The Indiana Training Range Complex has evolved its training capacity to include the electromagnetic spectrum to its current offerings of airspace and ground training space.  The process evolved from a gap analysis for training needed for the RPA community in partnership with WPAFB.  The training model is to create a dense, complex operating space by exploiting combined force training, both live and virtual.

Since the first LVC event in Aug 2014, the training space has grown to include Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Camp Atterbury, Muscatatuck and Jefferson Range.

The partnership between the Army National Guard, Air National Guard and the Air Force has enabled us to truly provide the best LVC training capability, globally for tactical level training execution with combined force employment.

Another unique training attribute is that it is exportable, that is, we have “delivered it in real-time” to other agencies at locations including Fort Campbell, Norfolk, and Fort Bragg where the C2 nodes are tasked in executing decision matrices. 

The training model has evolved to address the inclusion of the DGS units.  Using existing networks and working cross-domain solutions, we are able to “plug-in” any applicable unit or agency to participate in our scenarios

Exercise Diagram Flow

The role of the training space is also adapting to facilitate and meet these training requirements.  In combined force employment, no one organization has the capacity to develop and script scenarios that meet all participating units training objectives.  The training space expertise must evolve to facilitate these persistent combined force events.  The Indiana Training Range Complex is organizationally changing to meet this demand.  For instance, scheduling functions have been consolidated and are now scheduling the bandwidth, relevant networks, simulators etc.

The organization and what defines a range must adapt to meet the demands of this new training space.  The agility of the organization and SMEs on staff are aligning to facilitate this training model to ensure a relevant training space for years to come.


As an aside, events conducted YTD is 13.

Live/Virtual/Constructive POCs

For more information call Jefferson Range LVC specialists at 812-689-7295 or DSN 873-5116.

Email LVC specialists for more detailed information.

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