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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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IRDO processing - Ft. Bliss

In accordance with DA EXORD 171-14 and FRAGO 1: CRC Transition to Fort Bliss Texas (FBTX), IRDO at Camp Atterbury has completed both phases:

  • As of 01OCT2014: All IRDO/CRC/NDC Deployment Operations have consolidated at FBTX CRC
  • As of 31JAN2015: All IRDO/CRC/NDC Redeployment Operations have consolidated at FBTX CRC


After 30 JAN 2015, all redeploying personnel will process through Fort Bliss CRC. 

For more information about scheduling and processes, please visit


Personnel arriving to Camp Atterbury after 31 JAN 2015 will be rerouted to Fort Bliss CRC at their own expense.


It's been a pleasure and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

-The IRDO Team

Civilian and Contractor Redeployment Information

** The information on this page does not apply to CEW or MoDA DoD civilians **

Go to the DoD-EC (CEW/MoDA) information page

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