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Monday, July 24, 2017
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Civilian Expeditionary Workforce (CEW)

The CEW was established on Jan 23, 2009, by Department of Defense Directive 1404.10 to answer the call for readily deployable, skilled civilians to serve their country in times of need. 

Once fully implemented, you will belong to a group of 17,000 civilians, trained and equipped to support humanitarian, stability, contingency, and combat-support operations abroad and emergency response operations at home


CEW Pre-Deployment Guide 21 Sep 2016 (1).


Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA)

The Ministry of Defense Advisors (MoDA) provides trained Department of Defense civilian advisors in support of global U.S. security cooperation and defense institution building efforts in partner nations. 

The program was initiated in 2009 to create a critical new means of capacity building in Afghanistan, and has since expanded to deploy advisors to partner nations around the world. 

MoDA civilians typically have 15 or more years of federal service experience in defense support and enabling functions such as logistics, finance, personnel, communications, public works, public affairs, and intelligence.

Redeployment Guide for DoD Civilians (Feb 2017).pdf


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