Special Operations Forces

At Atterbury-Muscatatuck, we strive to meet the requirements of Special Operations Forces in the contemporary operating environment and beyond. Our staff understand that SOF training and testing is unique. We have the capacity and adaptability to support the full range of military operations and SOF capabilities. Our facilities offer the best value for Live/Virtual/Constructive-Gaming (LVC-G) training, testing and evaluation. We provide realistic, discreetly located, and professionally administered facilities for Irregular Warfare (IW) mission readiness and Joint National Training Capability (JNTC) exercises. With its history as a mobilization station, Atterbury-Muscatatuck is especially suited to host pre-mission training (PMT) for deploying SOF. We support and can facilitate Conventional Forces – Special Operations Forces Integration, Interoperability, Interdependence (CF-SOF I3).


If you have a Special Operations Forces training or testing requirement, please contact us.

Atterbury-Muscatatuck Special Operations Liaison
Phone: 317-247-3300 Ext. 62229