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LVC Exercise Platform

The Atterbury-Muscatatuck LVC Exercise Platform integrates emerging simulations and technology-based exercises into training designed to prepare users to operate in any global theater. SMEs link together training aids, devices, simulators, simulations, infrastructure, mission command and knowledge management systems to customize a cohesive and focused training plan. Users can reduce costs, expedite training and role play with culturally authentic personnel and military units. LVC and gaming replicate the theater multi-domain operational environment, including urban-ground terrain, airspace, maritime, CEMA* and human terrain. LVC and gaming minimize the use of finite resources, including ammunition, vehicles and time, and gives participants a training experience on an operational, institutional and developmental level in the most relevant and realistic training environment.

*Cyber Electromagnetic Activity

LVC Exercise Platform Overview

  • Non-contiguous training and testing facility located in southern Indiana Indiana National Guard Soldiers participate in Bold Quest 14.2   
  • Urban multi-domain operating environment 
  • Customized training/testing venues that support full-spectrum kinetic and non-kinetic “soft power” capability sets
  • Federal license to conduct ground-based electronic warfare testing and training (electronic attack clearance)

Camp Atterbury LVC

  • 35,000 acres of maneuver space
  • Up to brigade/regimental and equivalent level individual and collective training in a live environment
  • Up to division – equivalent level individual and collective training in a constructive/virtual environment
  • JTEN/JIOR capable
  • Certified Joint National Training Center (JNTC)
  • Title 32 Mission Training Center (MTC)

Muscatatuck LVC

  • Non-contiguous range of Camp Atterbury
  • Capable of supporting up to brigade-level urban collective training
  • Advanced urban training complex that is a real-world cyber/physical environment
  • 1,000 acres of maneuver space, 9 miles of roads, 1.5 miles of tunnels
  • 200 training structures, 40 multi-story buildings
  • Fully functional infrastructure (water, power, sewage, telecommunications)

Atterbury-Muscatatuck Air and Electromagnetic Spectrum Capability

  • Camp Atterbury and Jefferson Proving Ground air-to-ground ranges
  • Close air support and precision guided munition capable
  • Unmanned aerial systems capable
  • Fully instrumented threat emitters and simulators   
  • Embedded in ground maneuver space to provide combined arms collective training capability

Support Assets

Atterbury-Muscatatuck supports its physical assets and capabilities with excellent event coordination and exercise services:

  • Subject matter experts (SMEs) to lead and coordinate the project
  • Housing and billeting coordination
  • Logistical support
  • Training sets
  • Classrooms, configurable exercise space, simulation specialists
  • Joint Simulation Training and Exercise Center (see PDF Downloads for detailed information)
  • Training Aids, Devices, Simulators and Simulations (see PDF Downloads for detailed information)
  • Training Support Center (see PDF Downloads for detailed information)