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Homeland Security

Atterbury-Muscatatuck provides a platform for standardized, high-quality training and education in support of missions executed by the Department of Defense, National Guard, and other government and military agencies for:

  • Homeland security
  • Homeland defense
  • Civil support
  • Emergency preparedness

We offer multiple venues for homeland security in the Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) training environment.

Training Details

Real-world training environments, including:

  • collapsed parking garage
  • other collapsed structures
  • subterranean subway terminal
  • railroad derailment site
  • oil refinery
  • soccer stadium
  • gas station
  • searchable, engineered rubble piles
  • urban canyons 
  • more than a mile of searchable tunnels

Training scenarios are available for:

  • HAZMAT response
  • response teams
  • ground and water search and rescue
  • flooded community water rescue
  • boater and helicopter safety for emergency workers
  • high-rise rescue from seven-story rescue trainer
  • tracking and sign-cutting

Scent machines providing various scents and sounds, such as:

  • gunpowder
  • cordite
  • burning vehicle
  • various human and cadaver scents
  • crowd noise
  • gunshots
  • radio broadcasts
  • aircraft

K-9 training, including:

  • disaster search
  • land and water cadaver detection
  • building search and area search
  • K-9 First Aid
  • Trailing Agility field  

UXO and IED Simulators featuring:

  • Mines with audio/visual explosion
  • Biometric tool sets