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Atterbury-Muscatatuck Scheduling


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Advanced Urban Training

Atterbury-Muscatatuck goes beyond the requirements of TC 25-8 and TC 90-1.

The Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (MUTC) was developed in conjunction with the State of Indiana as a large urban training site that leveraged existing masonry buildings, and which supports Camp Atterbury urban training requirements, while also providing a unique training venue for other Army units, DoD exercises and Federal agencies.

The Army urban training facility strategy uses a general framework to validate and program when and where facilities are built.  The fielding framework is outlined by five stationing-based goals:

  • One Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) at each home-station that supports one or more brigade combat team
  • One Shoot House (SH) for each Brigade Combat Team (BCT)
  • One CACTF and one SH for each Reserve Component (RC) mobilization center
  • One home-station Urban Assault Course (UAC) for each Brigade Combat Team (BCT)
  • Expanded multi-site urban training capability for each maneuver Combat Training Center CTC to provide BCT capable exercises.

The Army uses these five fielding guidelines to program urban facilities across a six year programming window. Army urban training facilities are constructed to meet long term training requirements. Army urban training facilities are not being constructed as a reactionary measure to mimic site specific deployments in any specific operational region. Army urban training facilities will not be abandoned as the Army operational focus changes.

To speak with Scheduling or or Range Operations at MUTC, call 1-317-247-41010 or 41777. Email MUTC information specialists.

Film by 40 Commando Royal Marines
Filmed and edited by LCPL James Clarke
roduced by LT Simon Williams
Featuring SGT Hazel (USMC) and MNE Pace (RM)

Used with permission