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Atterbury-Muscatatuck Scheduling


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Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (AECW)

The Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (AECW) program executes along a dual path that continues to provide professional reactionary individual civilian mobilizations while simultaneously forging a path to market, educate, train and assist all of the Department of Defense (DOD) force providers in building a proactive sourcing solution force pool of prequalified/trained and ready civilians. The AECW program is the designated Army organization to recruit, train and mobilize Army civilian employees in support of global missions. AECW will educate and assist DOD Force Providers to expand their ability to not only do reactionary mobilizations, but build a sustainable and ready force pool of DOD civilians that can mobilize in support of emerging contingencies and planned operations on short notice.

Contact: 1-83-Deploy-Me (1-833-375-6963)

Camp Atterbury rock
students ride in Blackhawk at MUTC


Following training at Muscatatuck Urban Training Center, students ride in a Blackhawk to become familiar with helicopter flight.

students are issued gear and uniforms at Camp Atterbury


Students are issued deployment gear and uniforms at Camp Atterbury.