Troop Issue - Billeting

Welcome to Atterbury-Muscatatuck Training Center Troop Issue Billeting, which covers approximately 153 acres. Our mission is to provide timely, safe and sanitary facilities for soldiers and civilians conducting training at Camp Atterbury.

Request Form CA 350-1

The CA 350-1 request form encompasses troop issue facilities as well as contract meals, dumpster support and more.

Email the completed form with subject line of Unit Name / CA 350-1 to Please call for more information and availability: 812-526-1499 Ext. 61401.

Troop Issue Facilities/Billets

  • Admin, supply & dining facilities (ASDs)
  • Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQs)
  • Barracks
  • Battalion HQ Buildings
  • Battalion Supply Buildings
  • Classrooms
  • Computer Labs
  • Maintenance Facilities
  • Parking Lots


  • Billeting/Troop-Issue NCOIC
    812-526-1499 Ext. 61952
  • Troop-Issue Scheduler
    812-526-1499 Ext. 61401
  • Office Clerk
    812-526-1499 Ext. 61705