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Updated Gym Procedures

In response to the COVID-19 prevention guidance, the procedures for utilizing the Camp Atterbury Gym have been updated. These new procedures will go into effect 26 MAY 2020 and will remain in effect through 14 June 2020. At that time we will reevaluate cleaning supply inventories.

Camp Atterbury Gym Procedure Changes:

  1. Camp Atterbury Gym will be open Monday through Friday for military personnel ONLY. CAC must be shown to gain entry. No guests or dependents at this time.
  2. Camp Atterbury Auxiliary Gym (building 528) will remain closed until further notice.
  3. In order to allow for proper cleaning and sanitation, the Main Gym will be open in 2 hour increments with a maximum of 25 patrons at any given time. No more than 10 patrons will be in any given area at the same time. All patrons must wear a mask, maintain social distancing guidelines, and follow the verbal and posted directions provided by staff. All patrons will exit the building at the end of each time period. In order to allow eligible patrons access to the gym we are limiting gym access to once daily. The Main Gym will be open during the following time increments:
  • 0530-0730
  • 1000-1200
  • 1400-1600
  1. All patrons will be screened prior to being allowed gym access. We ask that anyone feeling ill, experiencing coughing, running a fever, or exhibiting a positive response to any of questions on the screening Questionnaire (See Attached) refrain from attempting entry as they will not be admitted to the gym.
  2. Patrons will ensure that they wash their hands upon entrance and exit, and refrain from touching their face with their hands while using equipment.
  3. Patrons will ensure they wipe down all equipment utilized with the appropriate, provided disinfectant.
  4. There will be no group sporting activities. Examples include basketball, volleyball, group PT, etc.
  5. The gym is unable to be reserved and will remain on a “first come - first served” basis.

More information on COVID 19:



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Atterbury-Muscatatuck Scheduling


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Indiana Resilience Campus

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Supporting Lifetime Wellness

The Indiana National Guard, in collaboration with the U.S. Army Medical Command, offers the Indiana Resilience Campus (IRC)  and the Army Wellness Center free of charge to users. Programs are available to those serving in the military, transitioning from military service to civilian life, retirees, and Department of the Army civilians and their family members.

The IRC offers five critical programs to improve overall health, including Resilience Services, Fitness and Wellness, the Army Wellness Center, Service Member for Life and Guarding Your Future.

The center and campus work to improve the personal readiness of Indiana National Guard soldiers through services such as family counseling, financial management, substance abuse, spiritual fitness, suicide prevention, the master fitness training program, individualized physical training programs, health assessment, healthy nutrition, stress management, career management, education benefits, job classification, retiree services, transition assistance and family assistance center.

Resilience Services

The Indiana Resilience Campus provides military members, retirees and their families access to innovative programs and tailored services designed to improve their sense of well-being by enhancing mind and body resilience and readiness. Programs include family counseling, financial management, substance abuse, spiritual fitness and suicide prevention.

Atterbury Fitness Center

The Atterbury Fitness Center offers a wide variety of services for physical fitness to fit your needs.The center has a basketball court, aerobics area, volleyball net, free weights, aerobic machines and on-site shower facilities.

Army Wellness Center

Army Wellness Center
317-247-3300, Ext. 64325

Services include: health assessment, physical fitness, healthy nutrition, stress management, general wellness and tobacco education.

Service Member for Life

Service Member for Life acts as a link between you and Indiana Family Programs. Services include: retiree services, transition assistance, education benefits and employment coordination.


IRC Welcome Center
Building 338, Camp Atterbury
Edinburgh, Indiana 46124

317-247-3300, Ext. 61687

Monday - Friday: 0800-1600
Weekends based on mission

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