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Camp Atterbury Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Program

Welcome to the 2022-2023 hunting and trapping season! We hope that this year brings more exciting opportunities to enjoy the abundant natural resources on Camp Atterbury. Our goal is to offer safe, enjoyable, and sustainable recreation to all personnel authorized to hunt on Camp Atterbury. Camp Atterbury enforces all state hunting, fishing and trapping laws.

Below are some general hunting guidelines that are further detailed in the 2022-2023 Camp Atterbury Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Guide. This guide provides a summary of Camp Atterbury hunting and trapping policies and is designed as a summary only. You must also read in its entirety the hunting, fishing and trapping policy letters and CA Regulation 210-1 which can be found at Range Control.

The 2022-2023 Camp Atterbury Hunting, Fishing & Trapping Guide. includes information about season dates, bag limits, license requirements, approved hunting hours, approved hunting equipment and personnel authorized to hunt on Camp Atterbury. It also includes details about turkey hunting, mushroom hunting, small game/bird hunting, waterfowl hunting, trapping and fishing.

  • All Camp Atterbury recreationists must register and purchase permits with iSportsman.
  • All recreational users must carry a working cell phone at all times while on Camp Atterbury.
  • All hunters and trappers must have a valid hunting license in accordance with Indiana state law.
  • Any use of alcohol while participating in hunting and trapping activities is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf carts, motor bikes, or any other off-road motorized conveyance is strictly prohibited.
  • Two pieces of hunter orange must be worn while hunting during any season that requires hunter orange to be worn by state law. Hunters will wear a minimum of a hat/head cover and vest/coat. Two gloves or any other combination will not meet the requirements.
  • Camp Atterbury prohibits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).
  • Do not attempt to pick up any unexploded ordinance (bombs, ammunition, grenades, etc.).

Thank you to all the hunters, anglers and trappers on Camp Atterbury for your continued support of conservation and ethical hunting that makes hunting on post a success.

Best of luck in the coming season.

Public Hunting Lotteries at Camp Atterbury

Enter for a chance to deer hunt at Camp Atterbury. Participants  will be chosen via random lottery draw. Drawings will be held through iSportsman. Winners must complete the iSportsman account process and purchase permits. Hunters must have all applicable state licenses and tags.

Download our Public Archery Lottery poster

Please contact us if there are any questions at or 812-526-1499, Ext. 61375.

Events and Dates:

  • Public Archery Hunting: October 1-31, Archery
  • Indiana National Guard Invitational Hunt, November 18-19, Firearm
  • Reservation Firearm Hunt, November 26-27, Firearm

Indiana Army National Guard Hunting Program Board

The Indiana Army National Guard (INARNG) Hunting Program Board coordinates hunting activities on INARNG lands to provide safe, high-quality hunting opportunities for youth, Wounded Heroes, military service members and the public when compatible with the military mission.

iSportsman Downloads (PDF):


Hunting Program Volunteer Information

Volunteer Appreciation Hunt

October 9-10, 2022

Check-in for each day of this hunt will be through iSportsman, utilizing a cell phone or a kiosk. Each hunter can reserve their area 24 hours prior to the hunt in iSportsman. Vehicle passes can be printed prior to arrival or at a kiosk on Camp Atterbury. Down range gates will open at 0600. Hunters must enter Camp Atterbury through the Main Gate. Do not attempt to go down range until 0600. Range Control will be open and available for emergency calls, but there is not a reason to stop and sign out. No guests are authorized during this hunt. Only hunters who receive an invitation are authorized to attend.

Volunteer for the Indiana Army National Guard Hunting Program! Download, complete and submit the INARNG Hunting Program Volunteer Application to


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