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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Logistical Operations

Mission Statement

Provide installation support in supply, billeting, maintenance, transportation, acquisitions, and property accountability.
Provide training units support in sustainment, food service, laundry, and billeting.


Laundry Facilities
MUTC has a full-service laundry facility on grounds as well as a coin-operated Laundromat located in the PRV complex next to the convenience store. All laundry services at MUTC are operated by the Family Social Services Administration, Division of Blind and Visually Impaired Services (FSSA/BVIS).

Request for the services of these operations can be discussed and custom-modified to meet the needs of any group. The MUTC Logistics staff will be happy to coordinate with State staff and FSSA/BVIS arrangements to meet any laundry needs.


Chargeable Quarters
Call 317-247-3300 (EXT 41792) for information.

Food Services

For coordinating contracted food service at MUTC, call 317-247-3300 (EXT 41624)



  • Trash Collection

3-yard and 20-yard containers are available upon request for trash collection needs


  • Portable Latrines

All portable latrine requests must be submitted to Range Operations for completion


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