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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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The Indiana Air Range Complex

 The IARC is imbedded with, and overlays, Atterbury-Muscatatuck and Jefferson Proving Ground.

The complex includes two air-to-ground impact areas and associated Special Use Airspace for both kinetic and virtual use.

The Indiana Air Range Complex is an integral part of the larger enterprise which also incorporates Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.

 The special use airspace and air to ground ranges are coupled with 2 Air Guard Wings co-located on civilian airports with runways able to accept 747/C-5 size aircraft, employing their Fighter, Intel & ASOS mission sets with all associated support functions.

Available are:

  • Air-to-ground and JTAC SMEsState of Indiana and outlying regions
  • Air scored targets
  • strafe targets
  • Rocket targets
  • Laser capabilities
  • Day and night operations for manned and unmanned activity
  • Restricted airspace for unmanned flight training and testing
  • Ever-increasing 5th Gen training capabilities

Partnered with Wright-Patterson AFB, AFIT and AFRL, and NAVSEA Crane for extended LVC training and testing capabilities.

Contact 317-247-3272 for detailed information.  We can configure these capabilities to enhance your specific training experience.

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