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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Visit the Live/Virtual/Constructive Operations page for information on the Indiana Training Range Complex. Watch for news on the LVC page about LVC exercises.

Airfield Operations Divsion

Camp Atterbury provides opportunities to aviation units to schedule the use of the airfield for forward area operations. The runway, ramp, control tower, small hanger / maintenance bay, 4 LMS (Light Maintenance Structures) and a classroom are all available for scheduling and use.  Additional amenities include planning facilities and aircrew lounge for transit use.  The Airfield Operations Office is staffed seven days a week M-F 0800L-2300L, S-S 0800L-1600L and other times as mission requires.   If a mission requires 24 hour operations a 72 hour advanced notification must be requested. Camp Atterbury also provides areas for realistic flight training under VFR (Visual Flight Rules), night and night systems. Included are terrain flight areas, confined areas, and unit supported FARPs (Forward Arming & Refueling Point).

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