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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Tour Information

Public access remains for those wishing to visit the Veterans Memorial Park, Prisoner of War Chapel and Outdoor Vehicle Display.

For questions or concerns please contact the Atterbury-Muscatatuck Public Affairs Office at 812-526-1386 or via email. 

For directions to Camp Atterbury, visit our Maps and Directions page.

Please note: Muscatatuck Urban Training Facility is unable to provide tours at this time.

Your Community is Our Community

Community RequestsFour members of color guard unit in uniform, displaying the American and other flags outside, sunny day

Atterbury-Muscatatuck assets include color guard, national anthem singers, speakers and equipment displays, which can be made available upon request. Click for Information on Community Requests.

Certain events can be supported, others, by regulation cannot. If you do not find answers to your questions on the Community Requests information sheet above, call the Public Affairs office at (812) 526-1499 ext. 61386 or email:


Email completed DDForm 2536 Community Support Request Form  to Atterbury Public Affairs

Humanitarian Donations

The Denton Program allows private U.S. citizens and organizations to use space available on U.S. military cargo planes to transport humanitarian goods, such as clothing, food, medical and educational supplies, and agricultural equipment and vehicles, to countries in need. For assistance in transporting humanitarian donations through The Denton Program.

Transportation of Non-DOD Goods

 Title 31 of the United States Code the sponsoring agency agrees to reimburse DOD for the cost of transporting the goods or people.

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