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Scheduling Your Training Exercise

Welcome to Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. We are happy to help you schedule training events and to assist you in using the many assets at MUTC. Please follow the steps below to schedule your training event:



  • STEP TWO: Contact the MUTC Scheduler at 317-247-3300, Ext. 41777. The MUTC Scheduler will assist you in discussing training objectives and planning a site visit. A site visit is strongly encouraged for units who have not previously visited MUTC.


  • STEP THREE: Completely fill out the MUTC Facility Request form and email – do not scan or fax – to MUTC Operations / Scheduling. NOTE: Because our training dates fill up very quickly, your request should be completed 90-120 days prior to your proposed training date. To ensure your training requirements are met, please fill out the facility request form completely and be as detailed as possible in the “Summary of Training” block.


Once we receive your request, the MUTC Scheduler will contact you to finalize training areas and to reserve the training dates on our calendar. We will then forward your request through the proper channels for final approval. Once your request is approved, POC from the Operations group will be assigned to your unit in order to meet all of your training needs.

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  • Scheduling:
    Phone: 317-247-3300, Ext. 41777
    Email: ng.in.inarng.list.mutc-sched@mail.mil
  • Aviation Operations
    (To schedule MUTC Landing Zones)
    Phone: 317-247-3300, Ext. 4100