Header image- Muscatatuck Urban Training Center

Muscatatuck Infrastructure


The following list is in alphabetical order. Every structure on the complex is “in play.”


1.5 Miles of Tunnel Systems

4 Downed Aircraft (ex: B-727)

5 Rubble Buildings (14 searchable lanes):
--Collapsed Apartment Building
--Collapsed Parking Garage
--Floodable, Collapsed Rail Trestle

5-Story Hospital

7-Story High-Angle Rescue Trainer

9 Miles of Roads with 3 Traffic Circles and Overpass

B-757 Cabin Simulator


Bus Station

Business Offices

Camp Holland Isolated Housing Area

Cave Complex


Circular Drop Zone


Coal-Fired Steam Plant

Concrete Batch Plant

Convenience Store/Pizza Shop

Cyber Range


Destroyed Substation

Destroyed Trailer Park


Farms, Third-World

Fire Rescue Trainer

Fire Station

Fitness Center and Gym

Flooded Community

Freshwater Treatment Facility (functional)


Gas Station


Landing Zones/Pickup Zones



Multicultural Center

Multi-Purpose Building

Municipal Buildings

Nursing Home

Observation/Clock Tower

Oil Refinery

Power Transfer Station

Prison Compound

Public Transit

Radio Station

Residential Neighborhoods/Single Family Homes

Salvage Yard/Motor Pool





Site Exploitation Houses

Sniper Locations

Soccer Stadium

Static-Line Surveyed Drop Zone (FOB Panther)

Subway Station

Tactical Operations Centers (isolation facilities)

Town Houses

Train Station

Training School


Urban Canyon

Blank/Simunition Shoot House


Walled and Gated Embassy

Wastewater Treatment Facility (functional)


Click here for a complete list of structures including housing units at MUTC and COB Panther.
*UTM is a manufacturer of non-lethal training ammunition.
**Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization


soldiers in compound with caveIndiana State Police officer with MUTC's Sahara the camelFishing village