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CyberTropolis is the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center's persistent training environment for advanced cyber-physical training and exercise support. This unique venue trains Joint Cyber Mission Forces with access to a real city consisting of genuine Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), a fully network integrated closed cellular network and Social Media Environment and Internet Replication system (SMEIR).

Our cyber live-fire developmental testing and training range for critical infrastructure systems is capable of supporting live offensive and defensive operations. The CyberTropolis environment produces physical outcomes, while most other facilities offer only a virtual interaction. MUTC's virtual network is a secured enclave of the city's enterprise network and is designed to facilitate cyber intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and exploitation activities.

The Onyx System provides a closed-loop cellular network containing a unified software core network that enables fully integrated support for 3G (UMTS and EVDO) and 4G LTE technologies, and provides users with real-life training scenarios for current and future mission readiness requirements. This system also has the ability to generate traffic to increase the realism and complexity of the testing/training scenarios. MUTC can also work with partners to create a GPS-constrained or -denied environment.

The cellular environment provides:
  • Robust, realistic, closed-loop 3G (UMTS and EVDO) and 4G LTE networks and is expandable to 2G and 5G
  • Replication of multiple towers/providers, providing unique capabilities in various electromagnetic and communications exploitation events
  • Mobile communication over commercial infrastructure for civil and military operations
  • An integrated Metro Wi-Fi with traffic generation to include user profiles, simultaneous attached data sessions (GSN), simultaneous voice calls (MSC) and mobile-to-mobile text messaging (SMSC)
  • CyberTropolis is connected to the Department of Defense (DOD) Enterprise Cyber Range Environment (DECRE) and other locations through its secure compartmented information facility (SCIF) using various secure networks, including the Joint Information Operations Range (JIOR) and the Joint Training and Evaluation Network (JTEN).
Cyber Capabilities/MUTC 3D levels

Cyber-Physical Venues

  • Cyber Range Operations Center (CYROC)
  • Prison Complex
  • Smart House
  • Traffic Signals
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant

Click here to view the complete list of real-world infrastructure at Muscatatuck.

Electromagnetic (EME) Capabilities


Electro-Magnetic wiring diagram

This chart shows the concept of what a Joint Urban Test Capability is required to have, the design, and how it is applied at Muscatatuck.

Crane NSWC manages the Atterbury-Muscatatuck Electromagnetic Environment (EME), and Electronic Attack (EA) Clearance for ground-based systems. If a customer requires this capability, we will facilitate the linkage to Crane.

Email a Cyber/EME specialist for more information on these capabilities.

Muscatatuck cyber images
Muscatatuck- view of multiple computer monitors