Header image- aerial view of Muscatatuck Urban Training Center


wreckage at MUTCCollapsed buildings at MUTCBurned building at MUTC


Combined Arms Collective Training Facility

The Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) provides individual through battalion-level, home station, urban opera­tions training. It allows units to train soldiers on building entry and room-clearing techniques under simulated subterranean training in an urban train­ing facility large enough to conduct combined arms force-on-force collec­tive training at the battalion/task force level.

  • Consists of 25 buildings and almost 300 cameras.
  • Training can be recorded in the prison complex, gas station, soccer stadium, shanty town and multiple office-type buildings and single family homes.
  • In addition to recording soldier activity in the buildings, CACTF staff can confront them with a wide variety of battlefield effects including smells and sounds.
  • After the kinetic portion of the training is complete, leaders can bring their units into the auditorium style after-action review (AAR) facility to view and discuss what took place.
  • The AAR facility, which seats 135, is also outfitted with cameras and speakers to record the AAR.
  • Muscatatuck is a fully operational city environment populated with a variety of human operated and simulated electromagnetic systems.
    This density provides a robust electromagnetic environment (EME) for customers to utilize for a variety of testing and training scenarios.
  • The facility has an extensive fiber optic cable/data infrastructure that provides for a rapidly adaptable and configurable data transfer environment.
  • Muscatatuck's partnership with NAVSEA–Crane has allowed us to further develop the electromagnetic environment through the installation of a one-of-a-kind Urban EME System designed to meet the requirements identified by multiple testing agencies.