Range 36 Air-to-Ground Gunnery

Range 36 Air-to-Ground Gunnery is located about 20 NM south-southeast of Indianapolis, The Air National Guard-operated gunnery range is part of the U.S. Army-operated Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center. Associated special use airspace is R-3401, covering 103 square miles. The terrain is hilly and wooded, permitting a good mix of highly visible and terrain-integrated targets. Several low altitude routes are available.

Range 36 Air-to-Ground Gunnery has:

  • 30 Scored Targets Day or Night using the Weapons Impact Scoring System (WISS)
  • Improved Remote Strafe Scoring System (IRSSS)
  • 3 Scored Targets
  • Certified Laser Range
  • Ground Commander Laser Pointers
  • Lantirn, Litening, Pave Penny
  • 4 Smokey Sam Launchers
  • 4 Electronic Threat Emitters
  • NVG operations  

Range Scheduling

Excluding the observance of holidays, the Atterbury Range administrative office is open Monday – Friday (7:00L-16:30L), Saturday – Sunday as required. All Mondays may not be manned. The bombing range is normally available for scheduled activity from 9:00L – 16:00L. Zulu times are 14:00Z –21:00Z (13:00Z – 20:00Z during daylight savings time). Other times are available upon request. Requests are due by the first day of the month prior. Users are encouraged to utilize Centralized Scheduling Enterprise (CSE) for submitting monthly schedule requests at: https://CSEAF.Eglin.af.mil/CSE/Home.aspx

Alternatively, email requests can be sent to: usaf.in.181-iw.mbx.indiana-range-scheduling@mail.mil. Atterbury publishes and distributes a monthly schedule by the fifth of each month.

Contact and Hours

Range 36 Air-to-Ground Gunnery

To schedule this range, for schedule changes, additional requests or information, call:

  • DSN 569-2114
  • 812-526-1114.


  • Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Rotary Wing Aircraft