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Jefferson Range tower
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Jefferson Range

The range is located on 1033 acres in the northern third of the old Jefferson Proving Ground in Ripley County, Indiana. The main range buildings are located in the north-eastern corner of the complex. The range has:

  • 14- WISS Scored Targets
  • 3- Air Scored Targets
  • 3- Strafe Targets (DH-3 Scored)
  • 2- 20MM & 1 30MM)
  • 1- 2.75” Rocket Target


WISS Scored Air Scored Strafe 2.75" Rockets LSTSS
Scored Circle Runway APC Tank Column

Computer Scored

Nite Bull SA2 Armored Column  

The Large Scale Target Sensor System (LSTSS) is an aircrew training system that detects laser designator radiation on targets.

Convoy Command Post     The LSTSS consists of multiple devices and Device Controller Assemblies installed throughout the target area and linked by a radio or fiber optic channel Local Area Network (LAN).
South Gun        
Armored Column        
Tank Column        
Crew Bus        
Supply Depot        
Runaway Gun        


map of Indiana Air Range Complex


Himsel Army Airfield (11II)

Department of Defense (DoD): Visual Flight Rules (VFR) supplement as “HIMSEL AAF”
Prior Permission Request (PPR) Required For Arrivals


Contact Himsel Tower or Range Control on 126.2 VHF

  • Comm: 812-526-1355
  • Fax: 812-526-1775
  • DSN: 569-2355
  • DSN Fax: 569-2775

Runway is approximately 36/18 4220’ x 72’ and Field Elevation 709’ Mean Sea Level
May require approach over impact area. (Ranges must be in check-fire)

Jefferson Range

Office and Tower:

  • DSN: 873-5116
  • Com: 812-689-7295
  • Fax: 812-689-3519


  • Tuesday through Friday days – 1300-2100Z
  • Tuesday through Thursday nights – as scheduled
  • Saturday and Sunday - as scheduled
  • Other times are considered on a case-by-case basis.


  • R-3403A is available for scheduling daily from 0630 to 2400 local time.
  • R-3403B is available for scheduling daily from 0800 to 2300 local time.
  • JPG A/B/C/D MOAs are activated in conjunction with R-3403A/B and available for scheduling daily from 0800-2300 local time: other times by NOTAM.

Large Scale Target Sensor System (LSTSS)

large scale target sensor system