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Himsel Army Airfield

Camp Atterbury provides the opportunity for aviation units to schedule aviation assets for forward area operations. The Airfield Operations Office is staffed seven days a week Monday through Friday, 0730L-2300L; Saturday, 0800L-1800L; and Sunday, 0800L-1600L, and other times as mission requires. If a mission requires 24-hour operations, a 72-hour advanced notification must be requested. The staff is here to provide knowledge of local operations and procedures, customer service and airspace de-confliction.

Camp Atterbury also provides areas for realistic flight training under VFR (Visual Flight Rules), night and night systems. Included are terrain flight areas, confined areas, and unit supported FARPs (Forward Arming and Refueling Points).

Airfield Operations Office Hours

  • Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday 7:30 to 4 p.m.
  • Other times as mission requires*
  • Fuel available with 24 hour's notice

*We require 72 hours advance notice if your mission requires 24-hour operations.

Airfield Tower Operating Hours

  • Monday-Sunday, 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Other times as mission requires, with notification of 5 business days

Airfield Reservation

Camp Atterbury provides the opportunity for aviation units to schedule aviation assets for forward area operations.

  • Parking Ramp
  • Control Tower
  • Hanger (LAMS-A)
  • Available support equipment


  • Planning Facilities
  • Aircrew Lounge
  • Aircraft Support Equipment

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  • Maps of Landing and Drop Zones (LZ/DZ)

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Geographic Information Supporting Military Operations (GISMO) is a geospatial data viewer designed to assist users of Army National Guard installations by providing map-based query and display of installation range and training facilities.

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Himsel Army Airfield (KHBE)

Department of Defense (DoD): Visual Flight Rules (VFR) supplement as “HIMSEL AAF”

Prior Permission Request (PPR) Required For Arrivals

Contact Himsel Tower or Range Control on 126.2 VHF

Runway is approximately 36/18 4220’ x 72’ and Field Elevation 709’ Mean Sea Level

May require approach over impact area. (Ranges must be in check-fire)

HAAF Airport Diagram

diagram of Himsel Army Air Field airport