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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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Staying With Us

To improve guest service communication here at Camp Atterbury and to better serve you, Camp Atterbury Lodging will be making a change to the reservation system.

Starting 1 Dec 2016 at 0730 you will no longer be able to reserve the Camp Atterbury MWR Cabins, the MWR Campground and Lodging Rooms online.  All reservations will be taken at the Camp Atterbury Lodging office (Building 402) or by calling the Lodging Front Desk at 812-526-1499 ext. 1128.  Operating hours are Monday through Saturday from 0730-1600.  Online reservations will no longer be available after 30 Nov 2016.

Cabin Reservations:  The first business day of each month at 0730 the cabins become available for the next month out.  (For example:  1 Dec the cabin availability will be accessible for the month of January).

 Effective June 21, 2016, the Camp Atterbury Billeting/Troop Issue Office is located in Building 402 which is located northeast of  the Future Operations Scheduling Center. 

Camp Atterbury Lodging (Chargeable Transient Quarters) will remain in Building 402, Clark Street. 

Garrison staff members assist in scheduling billets, troop issue facility and chargeable transient quarters for soldiers and contractors that are training or processing through Camp Atterbury.

Atterbury Hours of Operation: Open Mon. - Sat. from 0730 to 1600 (Holiday hours vary)

Camp Atterbury Billeting/Troop Issue, Bldg. 402, Contact:

Billet/Troop Issue Scheduling Office: 812-526-1499 Ext. 61401

Billet/Troop Issue/Clearing Office: 812-526-1499 Ext. 61952

Lodging Office (Chargeable Transient Quarters):  812-526-1128


Muscatatuck Hours of Operation:  Open Mon. - Fri. from 0730-1600 (Holiday hours vary)

Building 60


Lodging and Billeting Scheduling Office: (317) 247.3300 ext 41790



Lodging Office (Chargeable Transient Quarters)

The Atterbury Lodging Office provides hotel style rooms with housekeeping services for service members, retirees and other governmental agencies operating on the base.

Rooms vary in size and occupancy. Amenities include TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, microwave and single or double beds; some rooms have kitchenettes. Contact the Lodging Office for availability and pricing.

Lodging Office: (812) 526.1128


The Muscatatuck Lodging Office provides lodging facilities with housekeeping for Soldiers, retired military, and civilians. Amenities include TV with satellite, air conditioning, spacious kitchen, coin-operated washer and dryer, and linens. Pricing is available for Standard and VIP quarters.


Billeting Office

Troop Issue Facilities: The Camp Atterbury Billeting office schedules open bay barracks, admin, supply and dining facilities (ASDs), Bachelor Officer Quarters (BOQ) rooms and unit headquarters in Bldg. 402.

Notice To Occupants of CAJMTC Buildings (.pdf)

Hours of Operation:  Sun. - Sat. 0730-1600 (Holiday hours vary)

Troop Issue Scheduling

Troop Issue Billets include:

Barracks, (ASDs), BOQ and unit headquarters facilities (BDE/BN HQs) and are scheduled according to what is requested on the CAJMTC 350-1.  

Billets will be assigned according to mission, date received, and availability.


Troop Issue Billeting: 

-Buildings and keys are issued in Bldg. 402 located northeast of the Customer Service Center.

-Buildings are issued NLT 1500 Mon-Sun and cleared NLT 1400.

-Please allow time for inventory of each building issued.

-Preferably the units S-4 or supply personnel are to sign for the billets.

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