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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Atterbury History

From the 1970s through the 1990s, the primary mission of Camp Atterbury was to support to the Indiana National Guard and its various missions, including providing support with conflicts in Vietnam, Desert Shield, and Desert Storm.

With a new mission for a new century, and under the tutelage of the Indiana National Guard, Camp Atterbury has found new life as a premiere training and mobilization site in support of  U.S. military efforts around the globe. Today, Camp Atterbury continues the mission started in 1942 of preparing America’s troops for service and in this, embodies the installation motto: Preparamus (we are ready).  Read More about Brigadier General William Wallace Atterbury and  the history of Camp Atterbury. 

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Muscatatuck History

In  2001, Indiana Governor Frank O'Bannon and his successor, Governor Mitch Daniels, relinquished control of to facility to the INARNG. Daniels would go on to close it in 2005. However, many buildings at MDSC were over 50 years old, and the Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory had already identified the historic and architectural significance of 34 buildings at the facility which contributed to the Muscatatuck State Hospital Historic District (MSHHD). Thus, any actions taken by the INARNG would have to comply with state and federal laws regarding historic structures. Read more about Muscatatuck's History and how it became the Indiana Army National Guard's premier urban training center.

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