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Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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The Atterbury–Muscatatuck training profile includes land, airspace, training venues, and collaborators stretching over the southern half of Indiana into adjacent states.

The availability of assault landing strips, drop zones, and landing zones provides units the ability to begin their training experience at Atterbury– Muscatatuck with a strategic insertion employing both fixed and rotary-wing aerial platforms into an anti-access environment.

Special Operations Forces communities are able to perform Full Mission Profile training unlike anywhere else in the Continental United Sates.



Atterbury-Muscatatuck Capabilities

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Atterbury/Muscatatuck Capabilities Video from Indiana National Guard on Vimeo.

  • The Atterbury-Muscatatuck enterprise encompasses more than 35,000 acres of training and maneuver space.
    • Within Johnson, Bartholomew and Brown counties is Camp Atterbury, near Edinburgh, Ind., an armed forces reserve training area operated by the Indiana National Guard. The base supports active duty and reserve compo­nent training, as well as other local, state or federal training.
    • Regional National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve units, U.S. Army North, U.S. Northern Command, the Joint Staff and other military and civilian organi­zations also use Atterbury’s facilities.
    • Atterbury’s Advanced Urban Training Facility, Muscatatuck, located in Jennings County near Butlerville, Ind., is a unique interagency and intergovernmen­tal training venue, which occupies the grounds of the former Muscatatuck State Hospital.
      • 1,000+ acres
      • a 180-acre reservoir,
      • more than 180 structures,
      • a web of underground tunnels,
      • electromagnetic environment,
      • CACTF,
      • 6 venue zones (UTZs),
      • and much more,
      • available to active and reserve military units, state and federal agencies, universities, U.S. diplomats and various other clients.

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