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Atterbury-Muscatatuck Scheduling


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Range Control Division

The primary mission of the Range Control Division is to ensure safety through strict adherence to CA Reg 385-63.  Range Control will ensure that all training objectives and goals are met through effective scheduling and support at all levels. Atterbury-Muscatatuck (A-M) has a wide variety of ranges and training areas available in order to support all facets of military and civilian operations. Along with the various small arms, MPMG ranges and numerous maneuver live fire ranges, A-M also boasts a state-of-the-art shoot house, counter IED lane and search house. To further enhance training environment, A-M also maintains five tactical training bases (TTB), 14 villages and three combat outposts. The Search and Rescue Training Center trains civilian volunteers, local, state and federal emergency response personnel, law enforcement personnel and also serves as a premiere K-9 training center.

Sustainable Range Program

The Sustainable Range Program (SRP) Division includes Range and Training Land Program (RTLP), Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) and range maintenance personnel for mobilization support.  RTLP provides for the central management, programming, and policy for the modernization of the ranges and the day to day operations associated with the ranges and training areas that are available on the installation.  The objectives of RTLP include but are not limited to integrated mission support and environmental stewardship while continually updating and defining the requirements to support live-fire and maneuver training.


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Range Control Division

Camp Atterbury - Building 127

P.O. Box 5000

Edinburgh, Indiana 46124


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Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS)

link for Range Facility Management Support system (RFMSS)


The primary way to schedule ranges is through the Range Facility Management Support System (RFMSS). When you visit the RFMSS page, you will be asked to log in or “Request a New Account.”
Please click here to go to RFMSS.