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Directorate of Public Works

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The Directorate of Public Works (DPW) provides garrison/facility general engineering, maintenance, minor construction and utilities support. Our services are rendered to all permanent parties, transient units and tenant activities conducting operations and training for federal and state missions. DPW provides 24/7 emergency services for threat to life or property, including fire protection and prevention.



Contact Phone Number
Director 812-526-1252
Deputy Director 812-526-1658
Resource Manager 812-526-2968
Operations Manager 812-526-1867
Engineering Services Branch Chief 812-526-1812
State Maintenance Manager 812-526-1883
On-Call Emergency Service 317-518-3481
Real Property 812-526-1646
Warehouse 812-526-1133
Wash Rack Operations 812-526-1747


Department of Public Works
Bldg. 232, Eggleston Street
Edinburgh, IN 46124

Fire Prevention

For fire extinguisher, fire alarm panel issues, fire extinguisher training, building fire marshal training or any other fire prevention related questions, please contact:

  • Fire Prevention Chief: 812-526-1499, Ext 62661 or 812-526-2661
  • After-hours fire alarm or fire extinguisher issues: 317-617-7862
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