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Camp Atterbury Museum & Outdoor Veterans Memorial

The Camp Atterbury Museum is located in the Camp Atterbury Welcome Center on Hospital Road, on the right side of the road just before Durbin Street. Admission to the museum is FREE. The museum can accommodate individuals as well as large groups, tours, student groups and the physically disabled. Access to the Camp Atterbury military base is not required to visit the Camp Atterbury Museum or the outdoor Veterans Memorial located nearby. 

The museum’s historical timeline takes visitors on a journey through Camp Atterbury’s storied history, from before it became a military base to the present day. Included in this rich history are artifacts, papers, photographs, uniforms, publications and much more. The museum is a delight to history buffs of all ages.

The Camp Atterbury Outdoor Museum is home to an array of military equipment that dates back to World War II. In addition to the museum, visitors can take advantage of the Camp Atterbury Veterans' Memorial Wall, walk, and reflecting pool. The museum hosts the Annual Veterans' Memorial Commemoration. The memorial is available for use by military units and entities wishing to host official ceremonies and events.

Large groups who wish to tour the museum outside normal business hours may make special arrangements by calling the Public Affairs Office at 812-526-1386. If you are interested in being a museum volunteer, please contact the Camp Atterbury Public Affairs Office.

Camp Atterbury POW Chapel

The Prisoner of War Chapel, also called the "Chapel in the Meadow," is a reminder of the rich history of Camp Atterbury and the men from Italy and Germany who were prisoners of war at Camp Atterbury during World War II.

Memorial Brick

To order your Memorial Brick for placement in the memorial walk at the reflecting pool, please download the Brick Memorial Order Form. The Camp Atterbury Veterans Memorial Association (CAVMA) works through volunteers to provide direct support to operations and events for the Camp Atterbury Museum. To become a member of CAVMA or to volunteer at the museum, please contact the Camp Atterbury Public Affairs Office.

Muscatatuck MuseumMuscatatuck Museum

When the Indiana National Guard acquired the former Muscatatuck State Developmental Center grounds for use as the U.S. Army’s premier urban training facility, it made a promise to preserve and protect the buildings that make up the Muscatatuck State Hospital Historic District. The Muscatatuck Museum located near Butlerville, Ind., has a rich display of memorabilia from throughout the history of the hospital, dating back to 1919. For more information, please contact the Muscatatuck Public Affairs Office at 317-247-3300 Ext. 41610.

Operation Allies Welcome

A new mural unveiled at the Camp Atterbury Outdoor Museum was designed to honor the completion of the Operation Allies Welcome humanitarian mission, which provided housing, services and resettlement to more than 7,200 Afghan refugees.

The mural shows a family of snow leopards, the national animal of Afghanistan. The largest leopard looks over two cubs, and the small cub in the center is confidently stepping forward into its future life. A bald eagle in the background watches over the family with care and protection. The wreath of leaves surrounding the leopards and eagle symbolizes peace and prosperity for the refugees as they begin their new lives. The Indiana State Seal inspired the golden rays and green landscape. The two figures joining hands represent Afghanistan and the U.S., and are shown in the colors of each country’s flags.

The mural was painted primarily by Tiffany Black, a local muralist working with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the sponsor of the project, and Fawzia Abdaly, an Afghan guest and artist. The symbol at the bottom of the mural was created by an Afghan refugee, Ramish Salihzai, a visual artist who settled in Georgia. Khalid Rauofi and Firooz Khan Ghaznawi, also Afghan guests, assisted with the painting, and Camp Atterbury Public Affairs guided the design and development of the mural.

The new display is part of the Camp Atterbury Outdoor Museum’s T-Wall, which has an array of military equipment that dates back to World War II, and includes a Veterans Memorial Wall, walk and reflection pond.

The OAW mission started on Aug. 31, 2021, and the final 12 guests departed on Jan. 26. Approximately 700 of the individuals who resided at Camp Atterbury will make Indiana their final home.

Camp Atterbury Museum Hours

The Camp Atterbury Museum is open:

  • Monday-Friday
    9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Saturday
    10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Contact the Camp Atterbury Community Relations Specialist
for the following at 812-526-1499, Ext. 61553:

  • To make special arrangement for large groups who wish to tour the museum outside normal business hours
  • If you are interested in being a museum volunteer
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