Atterbury-Muscatatuck Contact Information

Camp Atterbury Post Locator
Phone: 812-526-1499

Camp Atterbury Front Gate

  • Front Gate Security Building 438 Ext: 62500
  • Front Gate Security Emergency Line Ext: 61109 or 812-526-1109
  • Military Police Station Ext: 61234 or 812-526-1234

Camp Atterbury Headquarters
Office of the Garrison Commander
Edinburgh, IN 46124
Executive Assistant: 812-526-1304

Camp Atterbury Directorate of Logistics
Phone: 812-526-1499, Ext. 61125
Ammunition Supply Point: 812-526-1499, Ext. 1125
Edinburgh, IN 46124
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Camp Atterbury Public Affairs Office/Welcome Center
Phone: 812-526-1386
P.O. Box 5000
Edinburgh, IN 46124-5000

Troop Issue Facilities
(parking areas, classrooms, beds, admin buildings, etc.)
812-526-1765 or 812-526-1499, Ext. 61952

Logistical needs
(meals, chemical, latrines, fuel, etc.):

MIPR processing
(for DOD customers outside of INNG):
812-526-1499, Ext. 61854

For emergency maintenance requests at Camp Atterbury after-duty hours (between 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m.) call 317-518-3481.

Atterbury-Muscatatuck Strategic Business Director, Business Development
Building 4A
Edinburgh, IN 46124
Phone: 812-526-1548

Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex (MUTC)
Switchboard: 812-458-8780
PO Box 77
Butlerville, IN 47223

Muscatatuck Public Affairs Office
Phone: 317-247-3300, Ext. 41610
P.O. Box 77
Butlerville, IN 47223

Jefferson Proving Ground (JPG)
Phone: 812-689-7295
Fax: (812) 273-2853
1661 West JPG Niblo Road
Madison, IN 47250

Future Operations Scheduling Center- Scheduling Numbers

  • All INARNG, INANG (ground events), USMC, Navy, Police/Fire/ First Responder:
  • All out of state National Guard, Active Army, Army Reserve, and Title 36 groups (CAP, Young Marines, Boy Scouts):
    812-526-1499, Ext. 62003
  • Airspace/airfield only requests (for Air Force Reserve, or a UAS testing group from AFIT or AFRL):
  • Simulators, JSTEC facilities: